About Us

Here at Tadcaster Methodist Church Our Mission Statement is:

Sharing, caring, worshipping and growing with God
and reaching
out to our community

And our Vision Statement is:

  • To welcome all
  • To reach out and share the love of God
  • To encourage people to go deeper with Him.
(Agreed Oct 2016)

Through this we hope to be a welcoming congregation and to share the truly good news of Jesus who showed us how to be in relationship with God and how he died to save us and give us a hope and promise of eternal life.

Friendly Faces:

Entering into a new place for the first time can be somewhat daunting and so here below are a few faces that may help to break the ice.  Rev Ann Fox, our superintendent minister looks after a number of churches and so isn’t with us every week, however there should be at least 2 stewards on duty each week to welcome and to chat to.

Our Stewards:

Sally Hill

Anne Clayton


Ann Brown

John Kimmer

John Kimmer

Our Organist:

Alison Wadsworth